Are you passionate about PHP programming? Do you enjoy being part of projects that shape the business environment

Do you know what popular platforms like Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Wikipedia and WordPress have in common? They all use PHP. There are many reasons why they use this programming language: improved loading speed, a consistent selection of databases, open-source software and affordable web hosting services, flexibility and compatibility with HTML. PHP offers security and speed, especially the newer versions.

PHP is still the most widely used programming language and is continually evolving. That’s why the role of a programmer is essential for the development of website functions and code analysis. As well as creating new software, they update existing software and carry out complex analysis to identify bugs and increase performance.

At Expert Software, we build custom systems and applications for businesses and are looking to add to our team of PHP programmers who will be involved in major digitization projects. Learn more about the company and what your responsibilities will be as a PHP programmer!

What can you find at Expert Software?

Expert Software is an IT&C company founded in 2003, which provides consulting, software and IT solutions such as web applications, database design, implementation, migration and tuning, web based business applications. We create software exclusively based on customer requirements and needs and also develop web applications which we offer as software as a service. The software solutions we develop and implement enable clients to build and sustain a competitive advantage through information management and business process automation. Thus, we can say that the projects we develop shape the business environment in Romania. Among the companies we work with are Metro, Profi, Auchan, Kaufland, Cora or Nestle.

We make sure that all our efforts are aligned with the business objectives of our clients, keeping in mind that the user experience is key to the success of the projects we develop. The company’s portfolio also includes proprietary products such as Expert Supplier, a B2B platform with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support currently used by more than 3,500 companies at home and abroad

What will you do at Expert Software?

If you’re looking for a PHP programmer job, apply for this position at Expert Software! We are looking to complete our teams working on digitization projects such as Electronic Procurement System, Contract Management and Billing, Advanced Reporting and other services provided by our electronic communication platform, Expert Supplier.

Here’s what we want from you:

· a good knowledge of PHP programming language – intermediate/senior level (working with Symfony is an advantage)

·  knowledge of databases – intermediate/senior level

· knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as Symfony 4, Angular 12, Oracle, Mysql 8, ExtJs

How do you know if you are really the right programmer?

If you meet the above requirements and, in addition, are really passionate about programming, then we look forward to meeting you for an interview. Send your resume to

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