Expert Archive

More and more companies are now turning to digital resources to optimize operational costs, increase information security and sustainability.

Why choose Expert Archive

Archiving is a necessary step, and the Expert Archive platform offers multiple benefits in all 3 directions a successful business needs to consider:

1. Cost optimization

The operational cost optimization is obvious, the time you can have the document displayed is counted in seconds, compared to having it found in a binder or a physical archive, leaving aside the case in which the document is lost.

An electronic archive significantly reduces the time it takes to classify, store and search documents, the cost of physical archive storage space is completely eliminated, as is the cost of storing electronic documents in-house, which lose their legal value by not being stored in an authorized electronic archive.

2. Digital security

Data security and the integrity of company files are two essential aspects which, ensured by specific resources and processes - in accordance with the law on electronic archiving of documents 135/2007 - guarantee recovery even in case of a natural disaster. In addition, you can share contracts with superiors or colleagues.

3. Sustainability and Customisation

Sustainability is an increasing issue addressed by large companies lately, especially since the launch of the EU's SRSD directive, that tends to transfer this responsibility to smaller companies. Electronic archiving means reduced CO2 emissions, and therefore a cleaner environment for all of us.

The ExpertArchive platform is designed to be easily adaptable to any business, with countless customisation possibilities: from the different types of documents you want to archive (invoices, ANAF statements, salary slips, contracts, etc.), the document search criteria (e.g. – document number, document date, associated notice, etc.) and the level of access you give to your company’s users. 

All functions are available immediately, online, 24/7, in a secure environment and constantly updated according to current legislative changes. 

Steps to implement Expert Archive

1. We analyze together the needs of the company you represent.

2. We find the most efficient solution in terms of process and cost optimisation.

3. We establish the working procedure and implement it according to the plan.

4. You enjoy free time, space and fresh air, knowing for sure that your data is secure and accessible at all times.

5. You benefit from the support of our team at all times, either by phone, email or ticketing.