Everything you need to know about working as a PHP programmer at Expert Software

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages used by most websites. However, it is also used successfully in the development of web applications, which have become a requirement for many companies, thanks to the fast results it delivers and the variety of operating systems it can run on. Expert Software develops modern web applications characterized by high performance, full portability and interoperability, and is currently expanding its team of PHP programmers.

Learn more about why PHP is useful for web application development and what are the main skills you need to have as a PHP programmer at Expert Software

Why PHP is necessary for modern web application development

One of the advantages of using PHP to create web applications is that they can be developed in a short time. Here are some other benefits of using PHP in web application development:

· It makes it easy to access information in databases, which you can modify whenever you need to

· PHP code can be written to send and receive files and cookies to and from servers

· Ensures good content management

· Ensures a high level of data security because it uses the latest encryption methodologies

· Thanks to the flexibility of this programming language, it is easy to customise web applications, which can be tailored according to project requirements.

What skills do PHP programmers need?

To successfully perform the job of PHP programmer at Expert Software, a set of skills in these areas is required:

· PHP programming and development

· MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQuery

At the same time, PHP programmers also need a number of soft skills such as:

· Communication skills

· Teamwork skills

· Ability to organize time

What are your benefits as an employee and what is it like to work for a company like Expert Software?

Expert Software is expanding its team of PHP programmers (mid level or senior), who will be in charge of digitization projects and implementation of other services provided by our electronic communication platform, Expert Supplier.

Read on to find out what we need from you and what we offer:

· To have a good knowledge of the PHP programming language – level

intermediate/senior level (working with Symfony is an advantage)

· Knowledge of databases – intermediate/senior level

· Be up to date with the latest technologies such as Symfony 4, Angular 12, Oracle, Mysql 8, ExtJs

· Understand the importance of teamwork and have a proactive attitude

Your benefits as a PHP programmer are:

· competitive salary

· health card with “Extra” membership at Sanador;

· team building, Christmas party, board games;

· gaming room;

· fruits, coffee and water;

· modern office near the metro (319C Independence Square, Trust Center, 1st floor – near Petrache Poenaru station);

· part-time remote working, with a choice of several options, up to one day in the office every two weeks.

Here’s some information about us that will help you get a feel for the working environment:

· We work with cutting-edge technologies such as Symfony 4, Angular 12, Oracle, Mysql 8, ExtJs etc.

· We deal with large volumes of data, which need a number of optimizations.

· We work with web technologies, but we don’t build showcase sites, we focus on complex, reusable products.

· We work with world-class clients, which will give you the opportunity to complement your business knowledge behind the applications.

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