10 skills you must have as a mid-level and senior PHP programmer

If you’re a PHP programmer looking to advance in your career, then you need a number of skills to prepare you for the next professional steps. You should know that mid-level programmers usually have between 3 and 5 years’ experience working in PHP, while senior programmers have at least 5 years’ experience and usually know most modern programming languages. At the same time, many senior-level PHP programmers have project management experience. Learn more about the main skills you need to have as a mid-level and senior PHP programmer and find out what benefits you can get as a member of the Expert Software programming team!

Required knowledge for mid-level and senior PHP programmers

1. MySQL

Many web applications use MySQL software to store and manage data. MySQL knowledge will help you build complex databases and solve problems that may arise in managing this data, which will save you a lot of time when developing new applications.

2. HTML and CSS

These two programming languages are fundamental in app development. Mid-level and senior PHP programmers usually have experience working with HTML, which is used to build web pages by adding tags to text. They also use CSS, which they use to add the necessary formatting to pages, allowing them to change the way different elements appear on pages and ensure consistency.

3. JavaScript

This programming language allows developers to create interactive elements on websites. Senior and mid-level PHP programmers usually have experience with JavaScript, as it is an important skill for creating dynamic web pages. JavaScript can be used to achieve animation and interactivity on a website, for example changing an image when hovering the mouse over it or allowing information to be submitted via forms.

4. jQuery

It is one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries, allowing Ajax application development, code simplification and reuse. At the same time, jQuery allows you to add effects to Document Object Model components and contributes to the functionality of the site.

5. Symfony

It is an open-source PHP framework and a collection of reusable PHP components. Symfony is a powerful backend platform used for building large-scale applications.

6. Angular

The Angular platform, developed by Google, provides developers with a number of tools needed to develop web applications. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows the creation of applications that include JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Typescript.

7. Oracle

Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system that offers high performance and protection against unauthorized access. Oracle was launched in 1979 and over the years has seen constant improvements, becoming increasingly scalable and reliable.

Other skills needed by mid-level and senior PHP programmers

In addition to the knowledge listed above, developers must also have these skills:

8. Creativity

PHP developers generally have a high level of creativity, as their tasks involve creating complex software applications or websites. They use their imagination and creativity to develop new features for existing products and to design interfaces.

9. Problem-solving skills

Mid-level and senior PHP developers are experienced in solving complex technical problems. As a senior level programmer, you are responsible for identifying and resolving bugs and errors that occur in projects.

10. A good organization of time and work

Mid-level and senior programmers often run several projects simultaneously, so time management skills are essential. Good time management means delivering projects on time and maintaining a good reputation with clients. Organizing activities is also very important. Tasks and multiple files need to be managed efficiently, and good work organization will allow the developer to quickly find the information and materials they need and meet their deadlines.

Do you want to be part of PHP developers at Expert Software? Here are the benefits!

Expert Software is looking for new mid-level and senior PHP programmer colleagues who are also familiar with technologies such as Symfony 4, Angular 12, Oracle or Mysql 8. As a PHP programmer at Expert Software, you will:

  • competitive salary
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  • part-time remote working, with a choice of several options, up to one day in the office every two weeks.

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