Why PHP is important for app development

Advantages of using this programming language in web app development

PHP is a programming language used to develop websites and web applications, but it is also used in the integration of open source software, such as Content Management Systems. In web application development, PHP uses databases and the functionality can be adapted to the needs of the project. There are many advantages of using this programming language in web application development, one of which is its flexibility and ability to work with almost any operating system and server. Read on for more reasons why PHP is important in app development!

No added fees

When using PHP for web app development, there’s no need to pay extra for commercial licenses. PHP is a programming language that can be used for free and provides a multitude of frameworks. However, for organized and fast development, programming teams use commercial IDEs such as PhpStorm, as is the case with Expert Software.

Compatible with most web servers

You can use Microsoft IIS, Apache, Nginx or other popular servers when working in PHP. This programming language is compatible with most servers.

It is easy to learn

PHP is one of the simplest server-side languages, entry-level programmers can learn its basics more easily compared to other programming languages. There are plenty of materials available – books and online courses – that explain both the language and PHP frameworks very well.

Secure database connection

PHP has a built-in database integration module, so it can easily and securely be used with database management systems, especially MySQL.

Dozens of frameworks available

PHP provides numerous frameworks, and many of them are very easy to integrate with external services. Among the most widely used in app development are Symfony, Laravel and CakePHP.

A vast set of tools for web apps

The latest versions of PHP have an extensive set of tools, dedicated to web app design. PHP’s multiple features designed for app development make it an extremely versatile programming language.

Join Expert Software’s team of PHP programmers!

If you want to work as a PHP programmer in an environment where you will be motivated to grow and develop, then we look forward to having you join the Expert Software team! Here’s what we want from you:

  • A good knowledge of the PHP programming language – intermediate/senior level
  • Knowledge of databases – intermediate/senior level
  • Knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as Symfony 4, Angular 12, Oracle, Mysql 8
  • Ability to work in a team

The benefits we offer you are:

  • Competitive salary
  • health card with “Extra” membership at Sanador;
  • team building, Christmas party, board games;
  • gaming room;
  • fruit, coffee and water;
  • modern office near the metro (319C Independence Square, Trust Center, 1st floor – near Petrache Poenaru station);
  • part-time remote working, with a choice of several options, up to one day in the office every two weeks.

We are waiting for your CV at jobs@xpertsoft.ro!

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