01 / Expert Supplier

Used by over 2000 Companies, Expert Supplier is the complete B2B automation platform for secure digital communications between commercial partners. All documents flows, like electronic invoice along with invoice control and any kind complex processing can be integrated with ease in any ERP

02 / Expert Archive

Digitalisation is a must in order to optimize the operational costs of any  company. With Expert Archive electronic documents can be legally and easily stored and securely accessed based on any custom user rights defined by the client.

03 / Expert Doc

Modular Document Management System fully customizable on the client business with complex flows, approval features, automatic document issuing, templates and so on. Every feature of a document/contract/bill management software is present and new features can be added with ease

04 / MyOrder

Sales force automation solution designed to be used also by the final client in order to optimize the time of the commercial agents.

05 / MyBI

Extremely fast custom reporting solution for any business size, adapted for secured data sharing between partners.

06 / Pallet Management

A complete solution for managing pallets as well as other packaging materials. Reconciliation of the pallets is now transparent for the suppliers and it will prevent unplanned investments in pallets or balance payments. Easy to access, with no hardware needed, Pallet Management is a software as a service application accessible on internet with any browser for retailers and suppliers.


07 / Custom Software Development

The software solutions that we develop allow customers to build and sustain a competitive advantage by managing information, automating business processes and simplifying critical and daily decision making.

Our main goal is to maintain the highest level of quality in all our projects and the proof of our success are the long term relationships with clients such as Auchan Romania, Metro Cash & CarryRomania, Profi Romfood, Romania Hypermarche (Cora) and Real Hyper Magazine

08 / Helpdesk Outsourcing

Clients with many offices or stores can optimize the response time, quality and cost of resolving any IT related operations by using a central support team that will prioritize, dispatch, assist, follow up and solve all the IT needs of your users.


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